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How Can They See With Sequins In Their Eyes?

Title: How Can They See With Sequins In Their Eyes?
Fandom: Lost/Harper's Island crossover
Characters: Shannon Rutherford, Hunter Jennings. Mentions of Harper's Island wedding party.
Pairings: Shannon/Hunter
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Harper's Island episodes as far as Ka-Blam. AU as far as Shannon is concerned.
Summary: Written for missy_useless who requested crossovers at lostsquee Summer Luau. Shannon's thoughts on the wedding party are revealed, as she teams up with Hunter Jennings to con Thomas Wellington.
Author's Note: Set around the time of Ka-Blam in Harper's Island verse. Shannon's backstory up to the time of the crash of Flight 815 remains the same, but this assumes that she and Boone never boarded that flight after all, and that she is related to the Wellingtons on her mother's side.

Wellington's giving me the money tonight. That's $25,000 for me, $25,000 for you
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