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We all Can't Play Nice

Fans of Shannon from LOST

For fans of Shannon from ABC's LOST
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This is a community for fans of Shannon (portrayed by Maggie Grace) on ABC’s new hit series, LOST. You can post anything as long as it is someway relevant to the character Shannon. This includes pictures, news, graphics, and/or fanfiction. If you enjoy Shannon’s character then, by all means, join this community.

01. Any bashing of characters/actors/actresses/other LJ-members will NOT be tolerated. Take that elsewhere.

02. All posts must be related to Shannon in someway or another. This includes news on Maggie Grace. General LOST news is fine as long as you in someway incorporate Shannon in to the post (this does not mean you can just add “-And Shannon’s cool” at the end of the post)

03. All spoilers must be placed under an LJ-cut with a warning.

04. All pictures/graphics should be placed under an LJ-cut. Three LJ-icons may be posted without an LJ-Cut but anymore than three must be placed under an LJ-cut.

05. Pimping communities is fine by me, but as I said, the post must be in some way about Shannon.

06. No intro posts, please. But you’re more than welcome to introduce yourself in a post as long as it includes something else.

07. Any fanfiction is welcome (drabbles/one-shots/slash/het) as long as they are Shannon-related. If you plan on posting a fanfic, please place this before the cut:
Any Warnings (if necessary):

Then the cut. Be sure to place all fanfics under a cut. If you're unaware of how to make an LJ-cut, its simply- <*lj-cut text="*you're text here*"*> and remove the *s.

Violating these rules won't be tolerated. C'mon you guys, they're very simple and are hardly an inconvience. If you're unsure of anything, feel free to contact one of the mods (contact info below). But don't freak out if you do happen to break a rule- I'll merely reply to tell you you've broken one of the rules and either have you or myself edit the post so it follows the rules. However, if you continually break the rules, you'll be booted from the community.

Contact butterstick_ (maintainer/mod)or _shatteredicons (mod).
butterstick_- talkstoangels@gmail.com
_shatteredicons- charlielovesshannon@yahoo.com

The current layout is featuring Maggie Grace as Shannon. All pictures were found at lost-media. The brushes used can be found at 1greeneye brushes. Light texture courtesy of teh_indy.


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If you’re interested in being affiliates, comment on the main post (at the top).

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